Wrapping up Week 6

Working with design this week was very interesting. There is design in all of our daily lives and choices. Some assignments I found more difficult than others this week, but overall I enjoyed all of my assignments.

Daily Creates

The first task I completed was to replace the word “love” in a song to “Monty Python”.

The second one I did was make bad art. I believe that I responded to the wrong tweet when I posted, but here is what I created.

For the third Daily Create, I depicted “Please Pass Me the Milk, Please”.

After I learned and read about graphic design, I completed the DesignBlitz. It was fun looking for different things in my daily life that used the design techniques listed. I never think too much about the design of a product, but when I am looking for it, it is so interesting.

Then, I completed four assignments. The first one was Poetry Design. I took a simple poem and designed it in three different ways to change the meaning. I think I was pretty successful with it. It is crazy how the look of something can alter the meaning of the words. The second assignment I completed was making a poster for an event. Since I am a part of the Performing Arts Company, and we have a performance coming up, I decided to make a poster for it. I even got the officers’ approval to use it to promote the show. I really like how it turned out. The third assignment I did was the Vogue cover challenge. I liked doing this one because it looks like a real magazine cover, and I can’t imagine that I would ever be on a magazine in my whole life. So it is cool that I can create it myself. The last assignment I completed was creating a t-shirt. I decided to go with spooky vibes since we are getting deeper into the fall season. This is probably my least favorite creation of the week. I still like it though!

Overall, I really enjoyed working on graphic design this week!

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