Week One Reflection

In all honesty, I got a tiny bit of a late start to the week. The first week of classes is always hectic, and with this class not primarily using Canvas, I struggled to get started. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to navigate the class site. However, once I got the ball rolling, I didn’t find that I was struggling at all. If anything, I just got excited for the class. The first thing I did was I read the syllabus. Honestly, I always feel a little overwhelmed while looking at syllabi, but as I started working through it, it felt less overwhelming.

Fortunately, I already had a domain! I use it as an ePortfolio. I decided that I would add a page for ds106 on my main domain. I also already had some experience working with WordPress. This is very helpful because without my prior experience I think I would be somewhat lost. The next thing I did was create a new Twitter and Flickr. I also signed into my old Soundcloud account and joined the course Discord. Next, I registered my blog. I thought that I had done everything correctly, but luckily Paul pointed out a mistake I made before I got too far. It turned out that I had made my Introductions a page instead of a post. It was a quick fix, and now it’s up and running. In my introductions post I included this media.

My new Twitter account!
First day of my senior year! #UMW
My new Flickr account.
A Soundcloud playlist
A dance I choreographed that’s on YouTube.

Then, I watched my episode of Bob Ross: Crimson Tide. This was probably my favorite assignment of the week. I loved watching his show and really paying attention to what he was saying. He is very uplifting and portrayed a great message to the viewers. I wouldn’t have thought that I would have to watch Bob Ross in this class, but it makes sense why I did. He is very inspiring and a great storyteller. Lastly, I wrote out my goals for this class. I enjoyed reflecting and really thinking about what I wanted to obtain from this experience.


  1. Kylie Jackson

    Your dance was so cool! I actually did dance for nine years in grade school.

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