Swimming Against the Current

Waves crashing over me

I keep tumbling down

Feeling like I can’t see,

On my face; a frown

Coming up for a breath of air

The shore is in sight

My chances of making it are fair

At the end of the tunnel is light

Finally on the shore,

I sigh in relief

I felt in my very core

That this day would end in grief

This poem describes my day. At the beginning of the day, I felt kind of hopeless. I had a lot on my plate and I felt super overwhelmed. As the day went on, I started having a better mindset about everything. I gained motivation to “swim back to shore”. I started working to achieve my daily goals. Now, at 11:00PM, I am sighing in relief that I am not still getting knocked down by the waves.

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  1. I love this creativity. I wrote a poem about one of my days last week, and honestly, it’s so refreshing. I have journaled about happy and sad days, but turning it into a poem gives it a new spin. Turning stories into something poetic makes it seems so much more dramatic and satisfying to reread, rather than just writing about your day in narrative format.

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