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On Monday evening, I listened to the ds106 radio! I listened to ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ and ‘The Tea on Social Media’ (the show I helped create). It was so fun to hear our shows live on the air!

‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ was a really good and informative radio show. I would have loved to hear that information when I was a freshman at UMW. I really enjoyed listening to the advice they gave, and I thought it was really good advice as well. They all sounded comfortable speaking and it their voices were clear and easy to hear. The editing was great too! It went smoothly from topic to topic with transitions as well.

The main critique that I have would be to add more sound effects or music into the show. There was some, but I would have loved to hear more! I feel like the music and sounds keep listeners more engaged and they also tie everything together.

I think this group did a great job with their show!

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