Radio Show Ideas

The idea of doing a radio show is a little intimidating, but brainstorming different ideas has been pretty fun.

The first thing I automatically thought of is having an advice session. We could get people to submit questions, and then give advice. I like to think that I am a super great advice-giver, but in this radio show I would have to preface that I am no professional and this is just for fun. I think this could be fun and could open up discourse about a broad range of things.

Something that I love to hear about is paranormal activity. I think hearing ghost stories or talking about experiences that felt paranormal is really interesting. Everyone has a different take on whether ghosts exist, if they do exist– what they are like, and if they are something we should be scared of or not. This could be a cool topic for a radio show. Everyone can express their stories and opinions.

A topic that I thought of that probably should be narrowed down is social media. It is a huge part of our lives nowadays. It also can be a big part of storytelling. For instance, on TikTok, so many people tell stories. They reenact them, just straight up tell them, etc. We could definitely just focus on one part of social media, but we would have to figure that out. We could talk about how it affects us, or do a challenge where we go without it for a certain amount of time and then reflect on it.

These are just some ideas, and I am excited to see everyone else’s ideas as well!


  1. I have to agree with you, because I also feel like the idea of doing a radio is a little intimidating. I like your advice section idea! I came up something similar but specified for artists in need of help.

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