Populating the Landscape

One of the assignments I chose to complete was populating one of Bob Ross’ landscape paintings. I loved the idea of this assignment. Bob Ross’ paintings are so beautiful and tell a story. Adding to his art changes the story. It is unexpected to see something out of place in his paintings.

I immediately knew that I wanted Harry Styles to be in the photo. Then, I decided to choose a character from one of my favorite TV shows, New Girl. I went with Jess Day since she is the main character. I feel like both of these people would love to be trapped in a Bob Ross painting. The first thing I did was find the photos of them that I wanted to photoshop into the painting. I needed to find a full body shot so they could be standing. I loved the pose that Jess is doing in that photo. Then, I used the app Superimpose to edit them onto the background. I love the way that it turned out! I am honestly a little surprised at how good it looks. It just gives Bob Ross’ art a new meaning, but it is also silly and fun.

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