Poetry Design

In this assignment, I chose a poem and designed the text and background to see how it changes the poem.

The first one I designed has a childlike feel. I think that this design matches the poem the best. The colors are whimsical and so are the birds at the top. I feel as though, this is how the poet intended the poem to be perceived.

This version of the poem design is more realistic. It has a different font and look to it. It definitely is not as childlike. It gets the story across, but I feel like the design is not as good. The bird in this photo could even look somewhat creepy, especially with the lighting.

This version of the poem has a completely different feel. The colors and the fonts make it look scary. Also, the eyes at the bottom makes it seem like the bird is watching you, rather than cutely waking you up. I wanted to make a version like this just to change up how the poem could possibly be read.

It is so interesting how the design helps tell the story in a very different way. If I could paint like Bob Ross, I would have painted a background to go with this cute little poem.


  1. I love how simple it was to make parts of this cute and then creepy. Very interesting!

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