Photography Experience

As an iPhone user, I oftentimes do feel like a photographer. Especially, with the latest version of the iPhone, the cameras are so nice and clear, that photos that I take come out looking great! However, I would not consider myself a real photographer. I don’t know how to use a real camera. When I was about thirteen, I did attend a week long summer photography class. We used film cameras and shot around downtown Richmond, Virginia. We then learned how to develop them. It was a fun experience and I loved every minute. Other than that I have not had any real photography experience.

I do take a lot of photos since I often have my phone conveniently in my hand. Whenever I see something that I think is beautiful, I take a photo. If my friends are doing something goofy or funny looking, I will take a photo. When I am at an event or there is something that I would like to remember, I take a photo. Those are the main instances. I wouldn’t say that I have a specific approach. I try to take pictures from what I think is the best angle and I try to make it as clear as possible. I would say I am successful because my goals are not too hard to reach when it comes to photography.

To improve my photography, I should be more intentional when I take pictures. I should look more into the different elements like lighting, depth, and exposure. I tend to quickly take my phone out and snap a photo. Being more intentional and focused will improve my photography skills tremendously.

Images do tell stories. I feel like one photo could tell many different stories all at once. Sometimes it is up to the person looking at it to interpret it. Different points of view cause different perceptions and interpretations. Pictures can make us feel a certain way. I’ve seen TikTok videos where people will show a bunch of different photos that give them a weird and scary feeling. A lot of those photos are of empty rooms with a grainy and blurry effect. The way photos are edited can make us feel different emotions.

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