I really enjoyed the Photoblitz challenge. I completed the first seven tasks it gave me. The first one was to “take a photo of your most valued (non technology) tool”. I took a photo of my screwdriver because it is the tool that I use the most.

The second task I got was to “take a picture that reminds you of your childhood. I immediately thought of my stuffed animal dog named Scooter. I have had him since I was born, and I plan on having him for the rest of my life. I tried to pose him as cute as possible and made sure to focus on him. When I focused on him, it blurred out the background which I think looks really nice.

The next task was to take a picture of my favorite number. My favorite number is 4, and I happen to have a 444 necklace that I wear everyday. I took a picture of the necklace and it turned out better than I thought it would.

Next, I had to take a photo in which a mirror is a major element. I have many mirrors around my room, so this wasn’t hard at all. I decided to just make it a mirror selfie, so I put myself in the center of the circle-shaped mirror.

The next task was to “take a photo that includes a manufactured product and at least one of its elements”. This was probably the hardest one for me to think of. I wasn’t completely sure if I was understanding the assignment. I took a picture of my polaroid camera and a polaroid that came out of it. It felt ironic taking a picture of a camera.

Task #6 was to take a photo that includes objects near and far. I decided to go outside and take a photo of roses in my front yard. One is close to the camera and one is far away. This made the one that is further away blurry because the camera focused on the front one.

The final task was to take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object. This is a spoon super zoomed in. It didn’t focus as much as I wanted it to, but I tried my best. You can see my phone in the reflection of the spoon.

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