My morning as a YouTuber

From the Video Assignments, I chose ‘Get Ready With Me!‘. When I saw this option I immediately knew I was going to do it. I have always loved watching YouTube videos, and I still do watch a lot of get ready with me videos. For some reason, I find them pretty entertaining. I feel like YouTubers make videos as a form of self expression and I love that. I got a little glimpse into that today.

First, I decided between making a ‘get ready for the day’ video or a ‘makeup routine/getting ready’ video. I decided to make a morning routine/getting ready for the day video because I do more things, and I wanted to document them. I felt like a real YouTuber making this type of video. It was pretty easy because I just recorded everything that I was planning on doing. The first thing I did was record myself waking up. I usually try to read in bed before I get up so I can wake up my mind as well. I recorded myself doing this. Next, I made my bed when I got out of it. Then, I did all the basic morning things, like brushing my teeth and hair and washing my face. I felt kind of weird recording myself doing this, but the video doesn’t look as weird as I thought it would. These are usually things I am doing when no one is around, so it made me feel somewhat vulnerable showing myself doing these things and posting it. Then, I picked out my outfit, made breakfast, and left my house for the day. It was a very general and basic morning routine, but it was real and truthful.

After I recorded all the content, I had to edit it together. I really enjoy video editing so this was fun. I used iMovie on my laptop. I sped up clips that were a couple minutes long, and slowed down others that were only a second or two long. I also added text to explain what I was doing in each clip and transitions in between them. I decided against using voice over to describe my actions. I thought that it would disrupt the flow of the video, and wasn’t the overall vibe I was going for. I love being able to hear the music in the background. I found royalty free music to put over the clips. The editing process took be around thirty minutes. Then, I uploaded it on YouTube. I really enjoyed making this video, and would be interested in making more that are similar!


  1. This is such a cool idea! Your video is very well put together. Also, I love the fit for the day!

  2. Carrington Frazier

    Hey Elizabeth, your video was well done! After watching your video, I felt like I should make my bed lol

  3. I love get ready with me videos, they’re so entertaining! Loved your video, I can’t believe it only took you 30 minutes to edit!

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