Moon Graffiti and Audio Storytelling

When listening to the Moon Graffiti podcast, the sound effects and different audio elements added a whole new level of storytelling. The tone of the narrators’ voices, the sound effects, and the background music during narration really helped set the scene. The auditory elements made it easier to visualize and comprehend the story. I felt like I could really picture what was being described in my head. It almost feels like I’m there and experiencing it myself.

Using audio effects and in different ways is a great way of storytelling. This is what Abumrad explains in the YouTube videos as well. Like he says, it is kind of magical that we can see and understand a whole story so well through audio storytelling. I listen to a couple podcasts and most of the time the host is just speaking into a microphone. I enjoy this, but while listening to the Moon Graffiti podcast I had the thought that it would be even more interesting if the podcasts I listen to incorporated other auditory elements.

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