Listen up! It’s time to wrap up week 5

I honestly did not expect to like audio storytelling week. However, I found myself really loving working on the assignments. When you close your eyes and listen to sounds, you can picture exactly what you’re hearing. I feel as though audio storytelling is often overlooked. Podcasts are a great example of audio storytelling that I incorporate into my daily life.

I did three daily creates this week. I will list them below!

The first one was to do a behind the scenes of an album cover. I chose the Summer Salt album. Here’s the tweet.

The next Daily Create was to text a poem. I sent someone a good morning poem.

The last Daily Create I completed was to make art from the elements. I did a play on the element Potassium since it’s symbol is just ‘K’. I posted a gif.

Reading and listening about audio storytelling taught me a lot. Sounds by themselves can tell a whole story. After listening to the story played on the ds106 radio and even making my own bumper, I was excited to keep creating audio content.

The first assignment I did was the sound effects story. My story was about being at an amusement park and riding a rollercoaster. The sounds I used depict the story nicely. Next, I did the relaxing noises assignment. I layered a bunch of my favorite relaxing sounds together to create my audio. I definitely feel relaxed while listening. The setting is supposed to be on the porch of a beach house. The third assignment I completed was creating a place through noises. I chose a coffee shop. There’s jazzy music, dishes clinking, and chatter going on. This is probably my favorite assignment that I completed.

I came up with some ideas for a radio show. I usually struggle with coming up with things like this, but I am really happy with the ideas I brainstormed. I thought of an advice session, ghost stories, and something to do with social media.

Lastly, I commented on my peers work and submitted my favorite posts on the google form. I love getting comments and feedback, so I make sure to do the same for my classmates.

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