Let’s zoom out of week 4!

Firstly, I hope you enjoyed my poorly executed photography pun as the title of this weekly summary. This week I got to complete some really fun assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. I love how creative and fun the options are. First, I am going to show my three daily creates from the week.

Monday’s was to say something wrong on the internet.

Tuesday’s was to pixel something! I ripped up a piece of paper and turned it into art.

Wednesday’s was to post something with dots… so naturally I chose a dalmation.

I enjoyed learning about photography and many of its elements. I learned how to be a better photographer. I always am snapping random photos on my phone throughout the day, so now I know how those random photos can improve. I want to be more intentional when I take pictures. Partaking in the photoblitz challenge was really fun. It forced me to be creative on the spot, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

Then, I started my visual/animated GIFs assignments. First, I did ‘Populating the Landscape‘. I edited Harry Styles and Jess Day into one of Bob Ross’ paintings. I love how it turned out and I loved being able to incorporate Bob Ross’ art. The second assignment I completed was taking a picture of an object super zoomed in and letting people guess what it is. Then, I made GIFs from the show New Girl. I really like how they turned out, and I plan on using them. The next assignment I completed was making a collage of my peaceful places. I posted it on Twitter. This was one of my favorite assignments. Next, I took a panorama that included me twice! The picture turned out super cool. Lastly, I recreated the iconic pose from “Home Alone”.

All of these assignments told stories in different ways. They all had different meanings and take-aways that came from them. I really enjoyed that aspect of this week’s work. In one picture a whole story can be told.

I also commented on more of my classmates blogs. I have enjoyed seeing which assignments everyone chooses.

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