“Jumanji” Analysis

I decided to analyze one of my favorite movies Jumanji (the 2017 version). This movie is hilarious, comforting, and fun to watch. I feel like if I were to graph and find the shape of this movie, it would start low, have a couple waves, and then end going up. There is also a cliff hanger at the end that suggests there will be a second movie. I feel like this is a very basic and typical pattern for movies. It starts with the protagonist going through a dark time, and then an event happens that changes their life for the better.

Recently, it is also typical to have a scene in the credits, which Jumanji did. It is a little hint that the story hasn’t ended there. I feel like this could say something about our society. We are always wanting more and more. We aren’t satisfied with just one movie. However, this also could show how movie producers and directors have money as an incentive to keep making more movies.

This movie uses humor to carry the story along. That is one thing I love about it. The jokes and comedy help the story flow and makes it easy to watch. If the movie was not humorous, it would be a completely different story. There is not one thing I would change about Jumanji.

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