Introduction Post (8/26)

Hi ds106 friends, my name is Elizabeth Kardos! I am a senior and a Communication and Digital Studies major. However, you may have already seen this on my Twitter:

I have taken a few courses related to computer science and coding that I have loved, so I am super excited to continue my journey learning about this field. Here is me on the first day of school!

First day of my senior year! #UMW
First Day of senior year (clicking the photo will lead you to my Flickr profile)!

In my free time I love to dance and listen to music! Here is a playlist with some of my favorite music artists!

I am in the Performing Arts Company on campus. Here is a video of a dance that I choreographed for the club!

This is my dance, but not my YouTube channel. My channel is Elizabeth Kardos

I am super excited to get into this semester and view everyone’s blogs! Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is so amazing!! Good luck on your semester!

  2. Kylie Jackson

    The dance you choreographed was awesome! I did ballet for nine years when I was younger. Also, I love your site. It is so cute!

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