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I chose an assignment from the “Web Assignments” category, and it’s called ‘Create Your Own Room‘. The assignment was to create your dream room on Pinterest. This really caught my eye because I just moved into a new room off campus and have been working on decorating it and making it a space of my own. I like to have complete control over the space that I am living in and spending a good amount of my time in. It has to feel like home and make me feel comfortable. That’s why I loved working on this assignment.

I have used Pinterest before, so I added a new board to my existing profile. I named the board “dream room”. I already had a vision in my head of what I would like my room to look like if it could be anything I wanted. I do not prefer very extravagant and luxurious styles because I want my room to be comfortable and cozy. The very first thing I wanted to pick out was the color of the walls. To pick out the rest of the furniture and décor for the room, I needed to know the wall color. I decided on a basic color scheme that I thought would suit my room. I went with a palette that has three shades of blue and a blush color and a darker blush color. I also picked out a color called “Frozen” for three of the walls. This is just an icy, pale blue. Next, I pinned some wallpaper because the fourth wall I would like it to be a little different from the other three. The wallpaper I pinned is floral and simple which I would like, but I would change the colors on it to fit my color palette more. An element that I knew I wanted was a large window. The one on my Pinterest board is beautiful and just what I was looking for. I love having natural light and I love windows. Next, I pinned some plants because I knew I wanted some plants in my room. I just love how they look, and I love the energy they bring to the room. I also pinned a gallery wall with super pretty posters that I would want above my bed.

After that, I picked out the bed that I would want. It is simple but looks very cozy. It is on a wooden platform. I also pinned a wooden bookshelf. I love to read and would love to have a bookshelf in my room. Along with that, I pinned a hanging rattan chair that I would put near the bookshelves as a little reading nook. I also pinned a desk. It has plants on it. I pinned a vanity because I love to do makeup. Also, I love music so I pinned a table that I can put my record player and vinyls on. The last things I added to the board was a wooden dresser and a television. One of my favorite things to do when I wind down is watch TV.

I feel as though this board really shows who I am. I didn’t expect it to be a form of expression. I have used Pinterest for years and never really made the connection that if someone looked at my profile, they would know so much about me. I really enjoyed working on this assignment.


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  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the elements in your board – natural light, plants, and pastels are definitely the way to go!

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