Getting the hang of things

Weekly Summary #2

This week I grew more comfortable with blogging and with WordPress. I also channeled more creative energy which I really enjoyed.

First, I will begin this summary with my Daily Creates. I looked forward to doing these everyday. The prompts are so random, but that’s part of the fun.

On Monday, the prompt was to choose an AI generated artwork and describe it in one word. It was interesting going through all of the pieces of art. Here was my response.

On Tuesday, the prompt was to come up with a malaphor. This one took a bit of thinking, but I eventually came up with one.

The prompt on Wednesday was to take a photo of something that you think could be an Amazon Echo. I chose to take a picture of a fake plant, but honestly just about anything could be a spying device in disguise.

Thursday’s Daily Create was the most time consuming for me. It was to edit a flag onto your hand. I edited the Virginia flag on my hand using the app Superimpose. This is how it turned out.

The last Daily Create I did this week was to come up with a haiku about Godzilla. Here it is!

This week I also worked on three assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. The first one I chose was called ‘Create Your Own Room’. I went on Pinterest and made a board for my dream bedroom. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and put a lot of thought into it. I feel as though it really expresses who I am. The room I designed is a reflection of me and my interests. For my second assignment, I chose to make a get ready with me video on YouTube. I had the most fun with this one. I’ve always known that I’ve liked video editing, but I don’t do it super often. Making this short video was honestly so fun and exciting. I felt like a real YouTuber editing it and posting it. I could show a little bit of myself in this assignment as well. The third assignment I did was Animoji Karaoke. This one was simple, but the meaning behind it took some thought. I have particular reasons why I chose the unicorn and why I chose the song, which I described in my write up. I genuinely think that all of my assignments have a little piece of me and who I am in them. I love expressing myself in this way, and I am proud of the assignments I worked on this week. I think I am really starting to understand digital storytelling a little more now, and I am excited to continue! I also renamed my blog. I was going between a couple different names, but decided on ‘Graphics Girl’. This is supposed to be a play on “Gossip Girl”, but I’m not sure how well that comes across. I’ve also changed the theme of my blog, and am personalizing it is much as possible. I have a feeling that my blog’s appearance will be changing a few more times until I am 100% happy with it. It is a process, but will become easier as I become more comfortable with the program.

Additionally, I started to interact more with my classmates. I followed a few on Twitter, and commented on a few blog posts. I haven’t done as much commenting as I want to yet, but I will continue to over this weekend and for the remainder of the semester. I have also replied to a couple comments that have been left on my blog posts. With this class being fully online, I understand the importance of interacting with my fellow classmates. I plan on doing more of this in the future.

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