Feminist Singing Unicorn

For my last assignment of the week, I decided to choose one from the Mashup Assignments called ‘Animoji Karaoke‘. The assignment is to lip-sync to a song using an animoji. I love music, and this seems fun, so I had to do it. I used the unicorn animoji and lip-synced to “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande.

Out of all of the animal choices, I chose the unicorn. I made this decision because firstly, my favorite color is pink. Additionally, I see myself as a creative and fun person, and that’s how I view unicorns. They are magical and majestic. None of the other animals really spoke to me as much as the unicorn did.

I chose “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande because it empowers women. I am a feminist and would love to see that glass ceiling shattered one day. This song lifts women up and I believe is a feminist anthem. If you watch the music video for the song, there are so many references to historical things that are androcentric. Ariana Grande puts herself in the men’s places. I just love this song and what it stands for.

The process of creating this signing animoji was pretty simple. I just used my phone and lip-synced to the song. Then, I saved the video and posted it here. I guess the hardest part was choosing a song and animal that meant something to me personally. This was a fun assignment to work on!

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