Every hour vlog

For this assignment, I took a little video every hour that I was awake!

I took the clips throughout the day, and then put them all together on iMovie. I decided not to put any music over it because I like the little sounds that come from each clip. It reminds me of ASMR. Also, you can tell exactly how my day went. It is so interesting that one little clip each hour can tell a story. This was a fun assignment.


  1. You had Dr. Crosby for COMM 340, didn’t you? I only ask because I now have Dr. Harris as well, haha! I liked that you can see your routine from just these small snippets. Great job!

  2. Love the idea to do a vlog!

  3. This was really cool! I think you made the right choice not putting music over it. I really liked hearing all of the distinct sounds from the different parts of the day.

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