ds106 Radio!

On Wednesday, September 22 at 8PM, I listened to the ds106 radio! First, I really liked the bumpers that were played at the beginning of the show. They sounded like real, professional radio bumpers.

The story that was played had strong auditory elements that moved the story along. The tone of the characters’ voices depict the emotions and feelings that are happening in every scene. The story was creepy at times and voice along with music portrayed this. It was dramatic at times, but that really set the mood. The sounds like the rocking chairs and crickets or the sounds of dishes clanking told what the setting was. There was also sounds of breathing throughout. Heavier or faster breathing shows that something frightening or scary is happening. Also, many instrument noises were played. Some noises were used in suspenseful times, and without those that tension would not be there.

This really showed that audio storytelling can be just a vivid and comprehensive as visual storytelling.

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