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The design of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos displays the concept of color. I couldn’t imagine any other colors being on the bag. The warm colors just make sense since they’re “flaming hot”. The design decisions of this product just makes sense.

Metaphor & Symbols

The Old Spice shampoo and conditioner in the second picture depict tough animals/creatures. Bears and krakens both show that this product is most likely geared towards men. It even says on the bottle that the product “drop kicks odor”. The illustration portrays these scary animals on it to further make that point. Whoever designed this used these pictures as symbols for what their product does and who it is targeting.


The third photo is of my boyfriend’s PC. He specifically designed this so that all of the parts fit nicely and have a clean look. While each part of the PC is designed a certain way, they all come together to make something bigger. The proportions have to be spot on and they take up the whole size of the case. Even the stickers on the outside are placed with design in mind. They are placed so that you can still see the inside, but add some more color and fun to the outside.


The stop sign in the last photo could fall under many different concepts of design, but I decided to focus on form/function/message. The shape is an octagon. I feel like when people see octagons they think of stop signs. It is very clear and concise. Only the word “stop” is written. This obviously means stop, there is no question about it. It is so simple, yet means so much. The form, function, and message are all clearly portrayed in this sign.

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