Daily Create Story!

I love the little challenge of making a story to connect the Daily Creates instead of just doing a certain amount for this week! Here are the three that I did for the week!

I decided to make my story about having cats and being a cat mom. The first Daily Create is a GIF of a cat (this cat actually belongs to someone I know, but I have spent a good amount of time with this cat). The second Daily Create is a pixelated photo of me, and the third Daily Create is a story written from the perspective of one of my cats. I thought this story goes from simple to more complex. So first we are starting out with a GIF of a cat, and then the person who is talking about their connection to cats (me!), and then thoughts from my actual cat!

In this post, I wanted to tell more of a story about my love of cats to add more to the story!

I have owned four cats in my life. I have always been more of a cat person than a dog person. The only negative side to all of this, is that I am allergic to cats (and also dogs). I currently get allergy shots, so hopefully my body will get used to being around pets because in the future I plan to have at least one cat. I love how they have their own personalities and are like little friends. They are so cute, and I especially love when they are cuddly and friendly. I love having cats and I am excited to meet more cats in my future!

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