Bob Ross – The Joy of Painting

The episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting that I was assigned to watch is called “Crimson Tide”.

I have watched a few episodes of this show in the past, and they have always brought me comfort and joy. Bob Ross has such a positive and calming energy, and it is impossible to dislike him. In this episode, he painted a beautiful seascape. I know that this is meant to be a tutorial, but Bob Ross does an amazing job of talking to the audience as if everyone has the same knowledge of painting as him. Instead of a teacher and student dynamic, he makes the viewer feel as though they are friends. This ties into the main point that he made in this episode. A quote that stuck out to me from this episode is written below.

“If you can accomplish this, then you can accomplish anything. All you have to do is believe you can.”

When he said this quote, he was saying that if you can follow along and paint the painting, then you can do anything. He followed this by saying that success with painting leads to “success with many things”. Having the mindset to complete this painting carries over to every part of life. He is saying that believing in yourself is the first step in success. He is so uplifting and encouraging. He also showed paintings from viewers as examples of what anyone can do with the right mindset. They were beautiful, and it honestly made me think that I should follow along with one of his episodes and paint. But, the bigger picture that Bob Ross conveyed is that anything is possible with confidence and the right mentality.

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