Becoming a Better Photographer


This is not a photo that I took, but a photo of me. This picture was shot at the most perfect time. The photographer chose to take it then because he knew it was the peak of my jump. He knew this would be the best shot of the dance move. He knew the picture was going to be good if he hit the button at the right time. If it wasn’t taken at this time, the photo wouldn’t have the same affect or the same story and it wouldn’t be as powerful.


As described above, this photo also captures one singular moment. It is a moment of action, and it was timed perfectly. The photographer anticipated it and then captured it.


While this is just a landscape shot, I feel like the lighting looks really good. The sunset looks beautiful. If I had not focused on the sky, the photo would have different lighting and look very different.


The brightness of the sky and the darkness of the sand create a cool juxtaposition as well. It is almost like the photo is cut in half. The top half is colorful and magical, and the bottom half is pretty dull and darker.


I have the newest iPhone with the three cameras. This means I can take pictures with the wide lens. In this photo, I used the wide effect, as you can tell by my friends’ long legs. It adds depth and contorts the image a little bit. My friends and I had some fun using the wide lens to make us look crazy.


The wide lens also gives me a different perspective. It made everything elongated. It also captures more in the photo than if I used a normal lens.

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