That’s it for this week!

This week was focused on video assignments. I really enjoyed completing these assignments because I have always been into video editing. It is tedious, but that is what makes it so satisfying at the end!

Also, I did a couple Daily Creates. These are always fun because it is so random and quick and gets the brain going! Here are mine from this week.

The first thing I did this week was look at people’s project ideas. People have some super creative and fun ideas! I might have to draw some inspiration from them since I didn’t have a super solid idea. Here are my expansion ideas.

The video assignments that I chose to complete were super fun! First, I compiled a lot of college memories and made a video out of it. It was super nostalgic and I love the comments from others that I have gotten saying they feel nostalgic too. COVID has tainted some of our memories as college students which is unfortunate but, c’est la vie! The second assignment I completed was vlogging every hour. As I was taking the videos, I didn’t realize how they will all come together to tell the story of my day, but that is what happened. For my last assignment, I made a get ready with me video! I liked doing this because it forced me to do a nightly routine and do some self care. I always watch GRWM videos from vloggers, so it was super fun to be able to create one of my own!

I am excited to do more video assignments next week!

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