Remix a place

For my first remix assignment, I remixed a project that I have already worked on. This was what the remix told me to do:

At first, I wanted to edit the Chattery Café sound I had already made, but then a completely new idea came to me. Here is the finished product.

The place is supposed to be a busy metro station. A person is running to catch the metro and lets out a sigh of relief when they make it on. It is supposed to be cheesy like “take a break from the hustle and bustle and relax” type vibe. I got all of the sounds off of I put them all together in audacity and recorded my voice over promoting ds106! Then, I uploaded on SoundCloud. I think the sounds do tell a story and I had a lot of fun remixing this assignment.


  1. I may need to upload that ds106 commercial to ds106radio.

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