Graphics Girl Revisited

The first assignment that I chose to revise was where I created a design for a T-shirt. I was not loving how inconsistent the illustrations were. I wanted it to look more cohesive. I stuck with the Halloween theme and the same colors, but I changed up the pictures! I used Superimpose to edit it again and layered the different images on to the shirt. Here is the before and after!

The second assignment I wanted to revise was ‘Populating the Landscape‘. I wanted to keep what I had, but just add on more elements to make it more fun. I decided to add some dinosaurs peeking out behind the mountains, and also Miley Cyrus standing by Harry Styles. Once again, I used Superimpose to edit them in there. I think I did a pretty good job! Adding more things to the Bob Ross landscape definitely made it more interesting to look at. Here is the before and after.


  1. I really like that shirt! I would love to wear it in preparation for Halloween!

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  3. If you left out the people but kept the dinosaurs I would probably hang that picture on my wall. The dinosaurs fit in so well it’s like they belong there.

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