Freshman Memories

For my first video assignment, I decided to make a video of all of my favorite freshman year memories. I decided to focus on freshman year because COVID-19 took over the last part of my sophomore year and also my junior and now senior year. Here is the video!

To complete this assignment, I picked out all of the videos I wanted to include from my camera roll. Then I put them in iMovie and cropped them and muted their sounds. Then, I went to and got the background music. This is a really fun video and it brought back good memories when I was making it! I wanted upbeat music to make it fun to watch.


  1. Aww I love this! It looks like you had an amazing freshman year! I love reminiscing on past fun times and seeing how things have changed.

  2. This makes me so nostalgic! And sad that COVD took over mid-way through my own freshman year, making me spend my entire sophomore year at home, and is still impacting my junior year. I recognized some of those moments too! Amazing!

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