Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I want to tell the story of my relationship with dance. Dance has almost always been a huge part of my life. It helps me express my emotions and it de-stresses me on a hectic day. Being a dancer has always been a big part of my identity.

To tell my story, I have picked out 6 songs that I will be editing together. These six songs are all by Taylor Swift (for consistency), and they describe the different stages I have gone through with dance. It starts when I was young and loving dance. Then, I grew up a little I got a little distanced from dance and I quit for a couple years. Then, I was reunited with dance and I have not stopped dancing since.

After I have finished editing the songs together, I am either going to edit videos I have found of me dancing over it, or completely record myself dancing one singular dance that encapsulates the emotions that go with the songs. My goal is to go with the latter, but if I struggle too much with the choreography, I will edit videos over top of the music that I already have.

This project will incorporate audio editing and video editing. I have enjoyed doing both of these things in this class, so I am excited to continue working on this project.

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