Final Project Ideas

Brainstorming final project ideas seemed kind of overwhelming at first. However, as I have been thinking I realized it doesn’t have to be as scary as I am making it out to be. I want my project to involve something that I really love. The first thing that comes to mind is dance. I have been dancing my entire life and it is my biggest passion. If I could make some video or something that encapsulates my love of dance and what that means to me, I think that would be really fun and exciting. I am not so sure what that would look like yet though, but if I start brainstorming now, I will have a better understanding of it when it comes down to it.

That was the main idea that I had. Other than that, I have been thinking lately about how starting a podcast would be really cool. I love to talk and I always have a lot of thoughts, so this seems right up my alley. I do not have a solid idea for what the content would be though. Possibly book reviews or some type of advice show. I listen to a podcast where the host gives advice to people who ask questions and that seems really fun. This is not 100% thought out yet, so I will definitely look into this.

I will probably update this post as the week goes on, but for now I just want to put this out there! Wish me luck with my brainstorming!


  1. I also thought of making a podcast, but audio editing is still very overwhelming to me!

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