End of the week summary

This week has been pretty rough. I got sick in the middle of the week and have very little energy. I still tried to put as much effort into my work as possible.

First, here are my Daily Creates from the week.

I really enjoyed making this one. I put multiple different elements into one picture.

The second one I did was to pitch a movie only with two pictures.

For my third one I edited this shark-finned chicken onto a hiking trail.

Next I continued with my video assignments. The first one I completed is what I eat in a day. I made this video on TikTok because I had seen many like that on that platform. It didn’t take long to make at all. I also made my dance highlights video. I thought this would help inspire my final project. My last assignment was making my own gag reel. I love looking at old photos and videos in my camera roll so this was fun!

Despite being under the weather, I tried my hardest on these assignments and I am satisfied with how they turned out. I have been thinking more about my final project and I think it will be dance related!

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